Employability means developing the skills and gaining the experience that will help you towards the career that you want.

Linwood High School’s Employability Programme consists of:

  • Skills – Developing skills for work and life, such as teamwork and communication, in all subjects and in events for all year groups.
  • Careers – Working with Skills Development Scotland and other partners to provide career advice and information.
  • Partnerships – Working with business partners to provide work experience, visitors and visits.

In addition in 5th and 6th year pupils can study towards SQA Employability Award.

Events Schedule

  • November – Skills for Work Month, including Skills Development Scotland Modern Apprenticeship Awareness Week and S1 Skills Event, S2 Careers Speed Networking Event, S3 Intro to SDS, S4-6 Volunteering Workshops and S1-6 SDS Career Lab.
  • March – Senior Career Speed Networking Event
  • May – 2nd Year Rapid Response Event.
  • Throughout the year we attend Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce Events, which allow our senior pupils the chance to meet businesspeople in our area.
  • Skills Development Scotland and Renfrewshire Council Modern Apprenticeships attend Parents Nights.

Top Ten Employability Skills

These are the skills that business rate as the most important in future employees.

  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Initiative and Self Motivation
  5. Interpersonal
  6. Organisational
  7. Time Management
  8. Adaptability
  9. Leadership
  10. ICT/Literacy/Numeracy

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